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Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Writing for the Web is different than other kinds of writing. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 That’s because people don’t read webpages, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 they scan them. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Not only that but people give a webpage about three seconds to convince them to keep reader.

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 When a near-limitless number of alternatives is a single-click away, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 going back to a list of search results, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 your opportunity to engage the reader is very small. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Writing for the web is very different than other kinds of writing.

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 But don’t worry, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 you’re about to learn how to write for the web, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 to connect with your audience and keep them engaged from your first line to your last.

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 I help people get their message online by building them a website. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 It’s fun and rewarding and I still get excited when I can help someone new move their converstations online. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 When I’m finished my work, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 and they have a new website, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 the real work of the website is just beginning. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 A website is only as good as it’s content and no matter how great a site I build, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 the people I work with still need to fill it with awesome content.

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 There are four key things to keep in mind when writing for the web:

  1. Make Your Text Scannable
  2. Keep It Short and Simple
  3. Quality Counts
  4. Have a Great Call To Action

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 [box size=large]At the end of this article, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 you can get my Free Writing For The Web Checklist to help make sure you follow these steps everytime you write for the web.[/box]

Make Your Text Scannable

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 People don’t read webpages, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 they scan them. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Research shows us that most people don’t read from left -to-right, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 top-to-bottom when reading a webpage. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 They read in an “F” shape, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 like this:

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 This means we need to shape our web content to fit this pattern. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 This of course is for English readers, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 which are left-to-right, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 top-to-bottom readers. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 If you’re working in a different language that is right-to-left, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 like Arabic or top-to-bottom, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 such as Chinese, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 you’ll need to match those reading patterns.

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Here are some things we can do to match the F Pattern:

  • highlighted important words and phrases
    • use links, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 bold, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 typeface and colours to highlight
  • bulleted lists help make content easy to scan
  • Keep each paragraph to only one idea.
    • If you put more ideas in, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 they will get lost when readers skip over them
  • Put your conclusion first and then explain it
  • Use half the words as conventional writing.


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Keep it Short and Simple

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 People read the web to solve a problem and they are looking for the best answer. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Part of they measure “best” is how easy it is to read your content. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Unline a book or magazine, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 where the reader has committed to reading with time, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 space and maybe even money, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 webpages don’t require the same committment. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 They are fast and easy to switch and are most likely free.

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Lead with your conclusion and then explain it. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 This is often referred to as the inverted pyramid pattern. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 This will place your most important content at the top-left of the page, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 where the most time is spent by F Pattern readers.


Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 What to learn more? Check out these links:

Quality Counts

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Taking the time to proofread isn’t some sort of secret sauce for writing for the web. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 It’s just part of good writing. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 But that doesn’t mean you can skip it when writing for the web. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Email and status updates might be looser on the need for proofreading, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 but if you’re trying to engage your reader, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 look your best and make sure your content is well written and error-free.

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 I think two great books on this topic are the classic Elements of Style and On Writing Well. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Every writer should read these books at least once, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 in my opinion, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 and preferably once a year.

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 In particular, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 a key writing strategy to focus on quality is to write in the active voice. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 The opposite of the active voice, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 is the passive voice. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Passive voice writing is longer, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 more complicated and less engaging. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Active voice writing is shorter, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 simpler and engaging. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Here’s an example:

Active Voice: You wrote the web page.

Passive Voice: The web page was written by you.

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 The exception to this rule is when writing the passive voice helps deliver great titles, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 headings and summaries by making the first two words highly relevant. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 As reported by the Neilsen/Norman Group, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 “recent findings from our eyetracking research emphasized the overwhelming importance of getting the first 2 words right , tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 since that’s often all users see when they scan Web pages. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Given this, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 we have to bend the writing guidelines a bit, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 especially for elements that users fixate on when they scan — that is, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 headlines, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 subheads, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 summaries, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 captions, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 hypertext links, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 and bulleted lists .”


Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 What to learn more? Check out these links:

Have a Great Call To Action

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Readers on the web aren’t just reading your content. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 What they are reading is part of a flow of information. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 They will be quickly shifting to the next piece of content that is part of their flow. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 To increase engagement, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 it is very important to provide a clear call to action for your reader. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Traditionally thought of as an e-commerce strategy, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 where the call to action is to buy – it has become clear that an effective call to action is very useful for all web content.

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Ask yourself “What is the next thing I want my reader to after reading my content?” It could be buying something, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 it could be signing up for a newsletter, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 following you on twitter or even just inviting them to comment on your article. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Whatever that action is, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 you need to provide the call to action in a clear and compelling fashion.

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 How can we make our call to action compelling? Here are 5 things you can do to have a great call to action

  1. Use clear, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 active language like: Call, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Buy, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Register, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Subscribe and Donate
  2. Keep it short and simple
  3. Avoid adverbs
  4. Have a call to action on every page
  5. Make it stand out: position, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 colour and size


Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 What to learn more? Check out these links:

The Checklist

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Now that you have the tools, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 you’re ready to write awesome content for the web. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 To help you when you write for the web, tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 use my Free Writing For The Web Checklist.

Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00  

What You Think?

Tell me what you think about writing for the web. Tenvir 300mg pills $504.00 Comment below or tell me on Twitter.

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Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 Test Kitchen tips: Stove-top smoking: Sometimes nothing beats smoking a nice cut of meat outdoors on a lazy, levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 hot day — that is, levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 as long as the weather cooperates. Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 But the great outdoors can get a little testy, levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 especially during these winter months. Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 Even in Southern California. Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 – by Noelle Carter – Tags: food – http://www.latimes.com/features/food/dailydish/la-dd-test-kitchen-tips-stove-top-smoking-20130121, levaquin 250mg pills $63.000, levaquin 250mg pills $63.005552955.story

Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 Peanut Butter Black Bean Brownies: As of a few days ago, levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 I have started counting my calories a bit. Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 Nothing extreme, levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 but I am trying to be more conscious of what I’m eating. Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 This means more fruits and veggies, levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 less bread and less sugar. Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 My body is thanking me, levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 but my brain is not on the same page. Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 – by Amanda K. Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 – Tags: food – http://amandakbythebay.blogspot.ca/2013/01/peanut-butter-black-bean-brownies.html

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Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 The Pizza Lab: Foolproof Pan Pizza: It’s time for another round of The Food Lab. Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 Got a suggestion for an upcoming topic? Email Kenji here, levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 and he’ll do his best to answer your queries in a future post. Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 Become a fan of The Food Lab on Facebook or follow it on Twitter for play-by-plays on future kitchen tests and recipe experiments. Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 – by J. Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 Kenji López-Alt – Tags: food – http://slice.seriouseats.com/archives/2013/01/the-pizza-lab-the-worlds-easiest-pizza-no-knead-no-stretch-pan-pizza.html

Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 If Almonds Bring You Joy, levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 Enjoy More For Fewer Calories: Scientists are starting to discover that the standard way of measuring calories, levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 established more than 100 years ago, levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 may not be terribly accurate when it comes to higher fat, levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 high-fiber foods like nuts. Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 But when it comes to almonds, levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 the count may be off by a whole lot. Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 Food scientists at the U.S. Levaquin 250mg pills $63.00 – by Allison Aubrey – Tags: food – http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2012/08/03/158083010/if-almonds-bring-you-joy-enjoy-more-for-fewer-calories

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  • Did you know that Ada Lovelace, cardura 1mg pills $162.00 the illegitimate daughter of poet Lord Byron, cardura 1mg pills $162.00 is credited as the world’s first computer programmer? Born in 1815, cardura 1mg pills $162.00 Ada was raised in a strict environment of mathematics and logic as a child, cardura 1mg pills $162.00 in order to prevent her from becoming anything like the “insane” father who had abandoned her. Cardura 1mg pills $162.00 Sounds like a great soap opera plot, cardura 1mg pills $162.00 doesn’t it? (Days of Our Lives, cardura 1mg pills $162.00 if you’re reading this, cardura 1mg pills $162.00 get a hold of me).

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  • If you spend a lot of time typing plain text, atarax 10 mg pills 270 $298.00 writing programs or HTML, atarax 10 mg pills 270 $298.00 you can save much of that time by using a good editor and using it effectively. Atarax 10 mg pills 270 $298.00 This paper will present guidelines and hints for doing your work more quickly and with fewer mistakes.

    Atarax 10 mg pills 270 $298.00 The open source text editor Vim (Vi IMproved) will be used here to present the ideas about effective editing, atarax 10 mg pills 270 $298.00 but they apply to other editors just as well. Atarax 10 mg pills 270 $298.00 Choosing the right editor is actually the first step towards effective editing. Atarax 10 mg pills 270 $298.00 The discussion about which editor is the best for you would take too much room and is avoided. Atarax 10 mg pills 270 $298.00 If you don’t know which editor to use or are dissatisfied with what you are currently using, atarax 10 mg pills 270 $298.00 give Vim a try; you won’t be disappointed.

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  • This is a recreation of the original Command and Conquer RTS game, metaglip glipizide 2.5mg + metformin 250mg $130.00 entirely in HTML5 and JavaScript.

    Metaglip glipizide 2.5mg + metformin 250mg $130.00 The current version includes several levels in the single player campaign and multiplayer support using Node.js.

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  • When I was at Microsoft, topamax 50mg pills $70.00 I was the developer tasked with fixing the Favicon story for IE7. Topamax 50mg pills $70.00 The original IE6 behavior was to download the favicon once–when a user made a site a Favorite. Topamax 50mg pills $70.00 I do not want to go too deep into the details of how this craziness works, topamax 50mg pills $70.00 but the key piece of information to understanding why it seemed so broken is this: a mapping between the url of the site the url for the site’s Favicon would be stored in IE’s History database and the actually bits of the icon would be stored in the temporary Internet files folder. Topamax 50mg pills $70.00 Thus, topamax 50mg pills $70.00 if you cleared your history or your cache, topamax 50mg pills $70.00 or the item expired out of either one, topamax 50mg pills $70.00 the icon would be gone forever.

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  • Now that we have the iPad Mini, dostinex 0.25mg pills $202.00 web designers waste no time in wanting to distinguish between it and the iPad 2. Dostinex 0.25mg pills $202.00 Tough luck.

    Dostinex 0.25mg pills $202.00 Yesterday Max Firtman explained in detail why that is not possible. Dostinex 0.25mg pills $202.00 Briefly, dostinex 0.25mg pills $202.00 no JavaScript or CSS property, dostinex 0.25mg pills $202.00 variable or media query is different on the iPad 2 and the iPad Mini. Dostinex 0.25mg pills $202.00 Both are 1024×768, dostinex 0.25mg pills $202.00 neither has a retina screen, dostinex 0.25mg pills $202.00 etc.

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  • Maya and I have been playing through Windwaker together; she like sailing, asacol 400mg pills $288.00 scary birds and remembering to be brave, asacol 400mg pills $288.00 rescuing her little brother and finding out what’s happening to Medli and her dragon boat.

    Asacol 400mg pills $288.00 She’s the hero of the story, asacol 400mg pills $288.00 of course.

    Asacol 400mg pills $288.00 It’s annoying and awkward, asacol 400mg pills $288.00 to put it mildly, asacol 400mg pills $288.00 having to do gender-translation on the fly when Maya asks me to read what it says on the screen. Asacol 400mg pills $288.00 You can pick your character’s name, asacol 400mg pills $288.00 of course – I always stick with Link, asacol 400mg pills $288.00 being a traditionalist – but all of the dialog insists that Link is a boy, asacol 400mg pills $288.00 and there’s apparently nothing to be done about it.

    Asacol 400mg pills $288.00 Well, asacol 400mg pills $288.00 there wasn’t anything to be done about it. Asacol 400mg pills $288.00 As you might imagine, asacol 400mg pills $288.00 I’m not having my daughter growing up thinking girls don’t get to be the hero, asacol 400mg pills $288.00 and rescue their little brothers.

    Asacol 400mg pills $288.00 This isn’t particularly user-friendly; you’ll need to download the Dolphin emulator and find a Windwaker .GCM, asacol 400mg pills $288.00 the Gamecube disk image with this SHA-1 hash:

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