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Wifi @ Drupalcon Chicago

There has been some complaints of the wifi at Drupalcon dropping.  The organizers took a moment to explain what’s going on.  Here’s the rundown of the wifi usage during yesterday’s keynote:

  • 2032 concurrent wireless users
  • 3842 active dhcp leases
  • 4373 unique devices – please keep in mind there are 3000 people at Drupalcon
  • 70M down the 100M pipe available
  • 2.4 ghz frequency range was complete saturated.
  • 5 ghz frequency range had lots of room

So it turns out, the problem is old wireless hardware…and almost 1.5 wifi devices per person :)

The thing I love most, is that they took five minutes to explain this to us today.  These…these are my people :)

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DrupalCon Keynote: State of The Drupal Address

I have found Dries’ State of The Drupal keynotes to be great both times I’ve seen them.  It is fantastic that these presentations, along with all the sessions from DrupalCon are available on Archive.Org.  If you want to skip the intro material, Dries starts his talk at

Below are some notes I made summarizing Dries’ keynote address.

Drupal 7 Highlights

  • Drupal is 10 years old
  • 1 million+ sites use Drupal
    • Governments, Fortune 500, Universities and Non-Profits
    • 1.7% of all sites on the web
  • D7 took 3 years from Feb 08 – Jan 11
  • Lead – Dries, Co-Maintainer – Webchick
  • Major Initiatives: Fields, Overlay, DB, Registry
  • 1000 contributors – 30% more than D6
  • Contributions match a long tail curve
  • 30 Contributors responsible for 50% of D7 core patches
  • 7925 modules, 947 themes, 4322 developers
  • relaunch
  • In Feb 2011: 5 million visits, 25 million page views, 130k unique visitors/day
  • Migrated to Git
  • 1 million+ sites use Drupal, Governments, Fortune 500, Universities and Non-Profits
  • 1.7% of all sites on the web
  • Community of 551 392 people in 228 countries using 186 languages
  • 3000 delegates at DrupalCon 2011

D7 Successes

  • Test Driven Development
  • Updated Development Documentation
  • Usability Team
  • Development Snapshots – Including during Code Freeze
  • Accessibility Team

D7 Problems

  • Empowerment
  • Release Cycle Predictability
  • High Bandwidth Communication
  • Better Priorites
  • Too Many Critical Bugs
  • Performance First

Drupal 8 Process

  • Move from CVS to Git
    • incremental work in Git sandboxes
    • Bigger changes moved into core
  • 5 Gates to pass to move into core
    • Performance
    • Accessibility
    • Usability
    • Documentation
    • Testing
    • No Critical Bugs
  • Larger initiatives will be phased to break into chunks
    • Each chunk must pass the gates
  • No more than 15 Critical Bugs in Core
  • Move from Co-Maintainer to Initiative Owner
    • May still appoint a Co-Maintainer
    • Initiative Owner is like a Mini Co-Maintainer
    • Dries will work with IO and others – not just IO
    • Designed to provide regular High-Bandwidth meetings with IOs
    • First IOs will be appointed in a few months

Drupal 8 Initiatives

  • What is the world Drupal 8 will need to live in?  “The Future is being anywhere at any time, reaching any information or people needed on any device”
  • Clear shift from fixed devices to mobile devices
  • “If we were to start Drupal scratch, we would design for mobile first and desktop second”
  • Drupal 8 need to output content to a wide range of devices
    • Desktop – HTML
    • Laptop – XML driven Flash
    • TV – XML
    • Tablet – HTML5 & CSS 3
    • Phones – Native App
  • 5 Strategic Initiatives for Drupal 8
    1. Multi-Device Publishing will be key – Markup Free Core
    2. Interoperability - Mail, ID, Commerce, Docs, CRM
    3. Drupal needs to deliver a Delightful ExperienceSimplicity and Power are Increasing
    4. Configuration ManagementExportables, UUID
    5. Content Staging
  • Ecosystem
    • Be careful – The future is not just about features
      • “The battle devices has now become a war of ecosystems.  Our competitors aren’t taking our market share with devices; they are taking our market with an entire ecosystem”  - Stephen Elop, CEO Nokia
    • Between equal platforms, the one with the better ecosystem will win
    • We need to continue to invest in the ecosystem around Drupal
    • Ecosystem is what will matter the most