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Agile Training

I did a day of agile training today. One way I took notes was twitter; here the highlight reel from those notes:

  • In Agile training today…
  • Agile is a learning system. Don’t know where to start, not sure how to do it, don’t have a good working system? Use #agile.
  • Nothing is sacred in Agile – continually question and re-evaluate the process and change if there’s a better way #agile #kaizen
  • Agile and Time Tracking are incompatible; Agile is designed to get faster – TT has no incentive to get faster. #agile via @mberteig
  • Face-to-Face communication is best – agile teams work best in the same space with no barriers #agile @mberteig
  • The better the communication, the more effective the self-organization #agile @mberteig
  • Great ways to build efficient teams: step one let them self-organize #agile #teams @mberteig
  • Remove dependencies; let people start at the same time & work independently to work @ their best pace #agile #teams @mberteig
  • Check roles and titles at the door; teams need to be skill-sufficent and aspire to being cross-functional #agile #teams @mberteig
  • Have a shared queue for all tasks: people work @ best pace by choosing work from pool of available tasks #agile #teams @mberteig
  • Beware of confusing commitment and estimation – commitments aren’t a gamble, which makes them discrete and small #agile
  • Scrum is good for orgs in crisis, building a new product. Scrum is hard to do, esp. zero defects. #agile @mberteig
  • Return on Investment, Time To Market and Client Satisfaction are the foundation of success metrics #agile
  • Task switching ++decreases productivity. Having >1 project in-flight at a time sounds good, but trades focus for mediocrity #agile
  • If you don’t have crisis early in a new Agile team, you’re probably not doing it right. #agile
  • 1 Team. 1 Project. 1 Room. Zero headphones. You’ll have better communication and be more productive. #agile
  • Do It Right, and the change comes fast. Get it Done and there’ll be no change at all. #agile

If I have time, I’ll add some of my other notes as well.