Drupal Club

At my work we brought on board some new interns and I had the chance to work with them as part of their on-boarding. We’re a Drupal shop, so one of the things I did was put together a short presentation on how we think about and use Drupal. It started off as a Zen of Drupal idea, but then I made a Fight Club joke on one of the slides and it was all downhill from there.

And, thus, I present Drupal Club:



3 thoughts on “Drupal Club”

  1. Thanks for this awesome introduction to why we use Drupal, the philosophy which leads to best practices and making Drupal seem even cooler.


    1. What do you think of Rule 8? Rule 7 is really the lead up to Rule 8 – Sticking with core as much as possible works to minimize complexity and performance expense.

      Also, Rule 7 is about trusting the choices the core team made about moving contrib code into core. Choosing the right module can be hard – there’s just so many. I’d rather a dev stuck with Core (assuming its sufficient) rather then digging through the haystack of contrib modules.

      That being said – you may very well be right that contrib can do it better. But the best module might not be the right module. If you can meet your reqs with less modules (likely through leveraging core) I think that’s the better way to go. Reduces dependancies, complexity and performance costs.

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