Daily Posts 01/03/2011

  • Looks like a great tour of NYC Pizza – now this is what I’m looking for in a trip: great local food.

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  • Let me start off by saying a few things. First, this is about a certain style of pizza. This site is about the kind of pizza that you can get at the oldest and best places in the U.S. or in Naples. This is not about Chicago style or California Style or trying to reproduce Papa John’s garlic sauce… This is about making a pie that’s as close to Patsy’s or Luzzo’s or Pepe’s or some of the top Brick Oven places.

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  • This is the site for the book “Learn Python The Hard Way”. The book is a very beginner book for people who want to learn to code. If you can already code then the book will probably drive you insane. It’s intended for people who have no coding chops to build up their skills before starting a more detailed book.

    About The Book

    The book is very simple:

    52 exercises in all.
    26 cover just input/output, variables, and functions.
    26 cover logic (boolean algebra, if-statements, while-loops, etc.)
    Each exercise is one or two pages and follows the exact same format. You type each one in (no copy-paste!), make it run, do the extra credit, and then move on. If you get stuck, at least type it in and skip the extra credit for later.

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      • I’ve just started this. ¬†Hoping to finish it quickly. ¬†

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