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  • Multiple DropBox Instances on Windows 7 (or Vista) – We recently had a need to run two DropBox instances concurrently on a few of our Windows 7/Vista workstations (if you are running Mac or Linux there are alternate methods to do this documented here. If you are running an older version of Windows, this may work for you. We've not tested either of these alternate methods so can't vouch for them.).
  • ..: : blog » Running WordPress behind Apache mod_proxy – WordPress 2.3 (the blog software I’m using) introduced the concept of canonical URLs, which caused a problem on my host after upgrading. To sum it up, there are many possible ways to access an article or a page in WordPress and the concept of canonical URLs will redirect pages to the permanent link specified in the settings. After upgrading to WordPress >2.3, my blog was no longer reachable, due to an infinite redirection loop: