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  • Module Rewrite – URL Rewriting guide – Module Rewrite

    Welcome to mod_rewrite, voodoo of URL manipulation.

    This document describes how one can use Apache's mod_rewrite to solve typical URL based problems webmasters are usually confronted with in practice. The Apache module mod_rewrite is a module which provides a powerful way to do URL manipulations. With it you can nearly do all types of URL manipulations you ever dreamed about. The price you have to pay is to accept complexity, because mod_rewrite is not easy to understand and use for the beginner.

  • Mod rewrite syntax Tutorial – Mod Rewrite Regular Expressions – The key to good mod rewritting is patterns. Patterns in your urls are how we are going to distinguish what to rewrite and what not to rewrite. We'll get to that later, first we'll need to go over the basics of the mod rewrite syntax.