M3talinks For 02/07/2011

  • You’ve likely seen this recipe all over the blogosphere, and this one is no different.  Crack dip is my most requested dish ever.  It’s easy to make, perfect football food and there are rarely leftovers.  It’s buffalo chicken wings without the fuss.  There are no bones to deal with and no sticky fingers to lick, that is, unless you use your hand as the method of getting this mouthwatering goodness into your mouth (and I promise not to laugh if you do).  It’s that good.

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  • This is the famous chicken wing dip, as a native Buffalonain, I am all too familiar with Chicken wings.  (Side note: they are called chicken wings here – not Buffalo wings!).  I’ve seen many different versions of this recipe – but I think there are a few key ingredients that make this taste as authentic as possible – you have to use real blue cheese (not ranch!) and you have to use Frank’s Hot Sauce (nothing else will work!).   I am also the type that will not used canned chicken – I’m actually afraid to buy it and see what’s actually inside – so I just cook up some chicken and shred it.   This recipe is the prefect party food and is super easy to put together.  Enjoy – it’s addictive!  

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