M3talinks For 03/03/2011

  • We are Karin & Greg, and Maya, a small family trying to live sustainably on 1/3 acre near the downtown core of Kitchener, a mid-sized Canadian city. In the past, we have lived and worked on a variety of organic & biodynamic farms across Canada, and through these experiences developed the desire to grow our own food and live a life that is light on the earth. We also enjoy the vibrant community & car-free options the city life offers, and yet dream of a slower, self-reliant rurally based existence. For now, our homestead at Little City Farm is just the place where we can begin to unclutter our busy city lives, find more time to do what we enjoy, and live a more simple, healthful, restorative and earth-centred existence.

    tags: urban agriculture kitchener

  • Eloquent JavaScript is a book providing an introduction to the JavaScript programming language and programming in general.

    The book exists in two forms. It was originally written and published in digital form, the HTML version of which includes interactive examples and a mechanism for playing with all the example code. This version is released under an open license.

    I have published a revised version of the book on paper. The structure of this version remained largely the same, but the whole text has been thorougly edited and updated. You can order from Amazon here. There is still an interactive coding environment for this version, as a separate page.

    tags: javascript programming tutorial ebook webdev

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