M3talinks For 03/04/2011

  • I’m not anti-recipe (obviously), but some things just don’t need them — and most vegetable soups fall into that category. Here are easy-to-follow instructions for making vegetable (vegetarian and, for the most part, vegan) soups with common ingredients, a variety of choices and terrific flavor. Print the following page, stick it on your refrigerator and work your way through it. By the time you’re done — 12 days or 12 weeks later — you’ll never again need a recipe for vegetable soup. Promise.

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  • If you have any experience doing system builds, then you know that your focus is on getting the best CPU/motherboard/RAM/graphics card you can for your budget. Things like the hard drive, display, and other peripherals are still important, but secondary to those core components.

    One investment you must also make is in a case to house your rig. While we all want a nice case, it is effectively a box that sits on or under your desk only to be touched on that rare occasion of upgrading the machine or messing with the room layout. As long as it provides good ventilation and acts as a dust blocker for the components inside, it’s doing a good enough job. But we still have to pay for a case with the price escalating depending on how nice you want it to look, how big it is, and how much modularity you want from the fittings inside.

    Asus wants to save you some money by removing the need to purchase a case when you buy one of its motherboards. The manufacturer aims to do this by allowing for the motherboard packaging to be re-used as a PC case. Not only does that save you some money, it’s also stopping the cardboard packaging going to waste once you unwrap the board.

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  • In a traditional Alsatian choucroute, sundry pork products, such as pork belly, ham, bacon and various kinds of sausages, are heaped on a pile of sauerkraut braised with hock meat. This version substitutes fresh Brussels sprouts for the kraut (no hock meat) and marries them with sausages and stout-braised pork shoulder, cooked low and slow according to a method gleaned from cookbook author Shirley Corriher. A food processor fitted with the slicing blade makes short work of slicing the carrots and Brussels sprouts.

    You’ll have some leftovers: Reheat the choucroute in broth and add the sausage and pork, cut up.

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