M3talinks For 03/26/2011

  • Simplicity. It’s our goal to make your life easier. | Cost, Quality, Speed – Pick Three

    If you don’t want to worry about your site going up and down, overloaded servers, or impossible to understand tech support agents, use us.

    We’ve been around since March of 2008 and we have decades of combined experience. We know what our users want and we give it to them. We don’t use gimmicks around here… you want hosting, we have hosting. End of story.

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  • A casual J tutorial
    What is J?
    J is not much like any other programming language that you’ve used before. Sure that’s a pretty trite sounding thing to say, but… you’ll see!

    J is based in large part on the APL programming language, and falls into the loose family of APL-based, array-oriented programming languages. The main other languages in this family are K and Q.

    Let’s get going
    J easily works as a calculator, and you’re probably familiar with most of the arithmetic verbs (operators) already. The symbol for division is different than most other languages, but it should still look familiar.

    tags: programming code j tutorial

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