M3talinks For 04/09/2011

  • Not another mind-numbing theme list I hear you say. Yes, but this one is different, this one is organic! Every week until the end of 2011, this list will be updated with new themes as and when they are released. To that end, I very much welcome suggestions from readers for new, high quality 2011 WordPress themes. Either leave a comment or send me a quick message via the contact form with a link to your theme.

    In addition to providing an excellent, centralised resource for anyone looking for fresh and free WordPress themes, the point of this exercise is to demonstrate that along side the continuing expansion of the WordPress premium theme market, free alternatives are still being developed – they just get far less exposure than their paid counterparts. This post is a humble attempt at unifying some of the best free themes released in 2011 so far. The post will have a continual presence on this blog via the banner you see in the sidebar. Either bookmark the post or click on the banner to see updates. Each new theme added to the list will carry a small red star icon flagging its arrival.

    tags: wordpress-themes free

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