M3talinks For 04/11/2011

  • In this post I want to highlight a selection of the Web’s best open source font collections. Each site was chosen for its potential to inspire, inform and be a practical resource for anyone in search of high quality free fonts and for anyone wanting to find out more about the importance of Open Source font licensing.

    tags: typography fonts opensource

  • This is a chart showing the number of installed seats of the Lotus Notes workgroup software, from the time it was introduced in 1989 through 2000. In fact when Notes 1.0 finally shipped it had been under development for five years. Notice just how dang long it took before Notes was really good enough that people started buying it. Indeed, from the first line of code written in 1984 until the hockey-stick part of the curve where things really started to turn up, about 11 years passed. During this time Ray Ozzie and his crew weren’t drinking piña coladas in St Barts. They were writing code.

    tags: software design development

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