M3talinks For 06/29/2011

  • Japanese traditional background generator

    tags: background generator webdesign

  • A great reviewer at Amazon

    tags: Amazon.com reviews

  • Web FWD (Forward) is the new Innovation Accelerator from Mozilla. It’s a chance for us to work with you, product builders, and for you to work with us and our brilliant mentors. It’s about creating open solutions that push the Web forward, together. Interested? Keep reading.

    tags: web mozilla incubator

  • Tired of scrounging the forums for Kindle backgrounds and screen savers? Sick of having to stay up to date with the latest news on Kindle Jailbreaks? Well, we feel your pain, and we decided to come to the rescue! Click on the tutorial section and choose your device for instructions on how to jailbreak your device, and install the Screensaver Hack. Please note that while the hack has been tested on the devices with no issues (worst case scenario, you reset the device), you hack your device at your own peril. Kindlescreensavers.com takes no responsibility for broken or bricked devices.

    tags: kindle ebooks hack jailbreak unlock screensaver

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