M3talinks For 11/13/2011

  • “I have come to terms with my almost unholy infatuation with rice and beans. Perhaps it’s because of my affection for simple and honest (read: affordable and easy) peasant food, but rice and beans are a staple in so many regions of the world, and with good reason! Rice and beans are a balanced meal with protein and carbohydrates, affordable and shelf stable for long storage and consumption in lean times, and deliciously variable in terms of texture, taste and nuance. So often we see rice and beans as a side to a flavorful main, a misunderstood dish which is frequently discarded as boring or banal or – even worse – the cheap filler to your meal, but not in Brazil. Oh no, my friends. In Brazil, the bean reigns supreme! Well, next to the beef of course. And maybe the pork. And chicken. But hey, legumes still rank.”

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