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M3talinks For 07/26/2011

  • “I decided to start my sausage-making attempts with merguez sausage because, not only does it incorporate some of my favorite flavors – spicy and lamby with North-African influences, but you can’t find it around where I live. It didn’t hurt that I could cheat on grinding the meat as my local butcher, Danny Rohrer, carries ground lamb. The way I saw it, I was going to attempt to make and stuff the sausage, and learning one step at a time was enough. “

    tags: sausage Merguez recipe

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M3talinks For 07/23/2011

  • If you want to stock your kitchen with the bare minimum for preparing Vietnamese food, start with good quality fish sauce (nuoc mam). How do you judge fish sauce?  Look for a light amber color and the words nhi or thuong hang on the label.

    tags: how to fish sauce guide vietnamese

  • Every good Vietnamese cook needs to master this dipping sauce. It’s used in many dishes to bring all the elements together. However, it can be easily botched, especially if your taste buds are not well versed in balancing subtle nuances between sour, sweet, salty and spicy. Additionally, flavoring with fish sauce is tough if you’re not used to working with it everyday, not to mention the fact that fish sauce qualities differ from brand to brand and sometimes from lot to lot!

    tags: vietnamese sauce recipe Nuoc Cham

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M3talinks For 07/21/2011

  • How has one industrialized country created one of the world’s most successful education systems in a way that is completely hostile to testing? That’s the question asked — and answered — in a new documentary called “The Finland Phenomenon: Inside the World’s Most Surprising School System.” Examining the nation with one of the most comparatively successful education systems on the planet, the film contradicts the test-obsessed, teacher-demonizing orthodoxy of education “reform” that now dominates America’s political debate.

    tags: Education Finland

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M3talinks For 07/19/2011

  • Need a logo for your story? Please help yourself – as long as you comply with our visual guidelines and trademark policy. If you need a different format or size, please email our press team. If you wish to use one of our logos for any other purpose, including identifying Mozilla as a client or partner or showing compatibility of your product with Firefox you must obtain written permission from Mozilla unless your contemplated use is already allowed by the rules in our trademark policy. There’s also additional information in our trademark FAQ. Remember, use, don’t abuse.

    tags: firefox logo

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M3talinks For 07/18/2011

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M3talinks For 07/06/2011

  • Pastebin websites are very useful for sending large amounts of text, but the most popular ones aren’t at all secure. By default, all posts on “pastebin.com” are published to the Internet. Anyone can see and search for your private data (example).

    I wanted a pastebin that keeps my data safe, so I made one. The text you paste here will be sent over a secure (HTTPS) connection and stored in encrypted form so that it will never be seen by anyone unless they have the correct URL and password. Even if someone gains full access to the OSSBox server, they won’t be able to decrypt the data.

    tags: pastebin coding security encrypted private

  • Floats are one of the most basic tools for structuring a web page using CSS. They’re both one of the very first things that we learn about and one of the last things that we truly master.

    Today’s article looks at some of the reasons that floats are pretty lame and takes a look at a number of alternative layout systems, some of which are still under development but may one day represent the standard for CSS-based layout.

    tags: css layout webdesign floats css3 flexbox

  • The DiSo Project is just over a year old. It’s remained a somewhat amorphous blob of related ideas, concepts and aspirations in my brain, but has resulted in some notable progress, even if such progress appears dubious on the surface.

    tags: activity streams

  • Call us crazy, but it looks as if the people at Great Harvest have managed to pull off what the rest of us only fantasize about. They’ve built an organization that practically runs itself

    tags: entrepreneurship success leadership management

  • I met the Wakemans last summer, and Inc. readers met them in our November story about Great Harvest Bread Co., the business they have run since graduating from college, 25 years ago. (See ” Zen and the Art of the Self-Managing Company.”) The story focused on how Great Harvest, a chain of 137 franchised whole-wheat bakeries, enables information to flow so freely among its people that innovation and continual improvement happen inevitably, almost by accident. What the story left out, though, was the Wakemans themselves, and how they have succeeded at both growing their company and creating a life they not only enjoy but love. And we do mean love; when you’re with them, the feeling is palpable.

    tags: goodlife entrepreneurship work life balance success

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