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linkHive For Jan 15th

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  • Content Management Strategy, How To Develop The Other CMS
  • 10 Completely Free Wireframe and Mockup Applications : Speckyboy Design Magazine – Every web designer and developer should have a good and reliable wireframe (mockup or prototype) tool at there disposal. The importance of such a tool differentiates amongst web designers and developers, some use them, some don’t. Personally, I use them. It is in this initial stage of development that makes web design enjoyable, the coming together of the clients needs and your own creative ideas onto a blank canvas, allowing you to plan effectively the visual arrangement of the sites content.

    The downside is that a good and reliable wireframe application can come at a heavy price, have you seen the cost of a good wireframe application? Prices can vary from as low as $100 all the way up to over $4000. Who has this kind of mine to throw around? Certainly no freelancer developer I know.

    So, what options do you have? The Ten Best FREE Wirefame/Mockup/Prototype applications for designers and developers.