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linkHive (June 17th from 11:20 to 11:20)

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  • Open Atrium – Open Atrium is an open source intranet package that you can install, access, and start customizing to meet your team’s exact needs — all in just 60 seconds. Out of the box, Open Atrium lets you coordinate projects with your team wherever they are in the world — whether you’re coordinating programs around the world for an international organization, organizing the communications outreach for an advocacy campaign, or running out simultaneous projects for a software development company. You can create different spaces for different projects, add people to each space, and turn on different tools within each group — like a blog, a wiki, a calendar, a to do list, and a micro blog.

linkHive (May 29th from 13:35 to 13:37)

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  • Tutorial: Service Level Agreements – A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is exactly what you might expect. It is a contract between a service provider and a client in which the provider gives guarantees for delivery of some service. In telecommunications, the service might be Internet access or a WAN connectivity service such as frame relay.
  • How to write an IT service-level agreement | The Business – A service-level agreement manages expectations and improves communication when you’re starting your relationship with a customer as well as when things go wrong.

    Since pointing fingers confers no practical benefit — even if it’s emotionally satisfying — what everyone needs to know in such a situation is who is going to fix whatever’s wrong, and how soon.

  • IT Process Design & Management – A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a document that identifies services provided by IT, either campus-wide or to an individual KU organization or department. The SLA describes the service provided, identifies customer expectations, and defines the boundaries of the service, stating agreed-upon service level goals, operating practices, and reporting policies. It is very important that the SLA be easily understood by the campus unit as well as by IT staff.
  • The Art of Service – How To Write a Service Level Agreement The Right Way – Believe it or not, there are actually two ways to go about writing a service level agreement: the right way, and the wrong way. Let us examine what bad habits we should avoid when writing a service level agreement:
  • How to write an IT service-level agreement – Writing an IT service-level agreement (SLA) is important if you're rolling out a services-based line of business, such as managed services. Whereas many resellers may have previously acted only as intermediary between their customers and vendors, more and more are providing service directly — or at least rebranding services from a managed service provider (MSP) as their own.

linkHive (May 30th from 15:43 to 15:43)

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  • Critical Ethical Reasoning and Role-Play — Simkins and Steinkuehler 3 (34): 333 — Games and Culture – Role-playing games provide a particularly fruitful environment for the development of critical, ethical reasoning skills, a core component in developing a citizenry capable of fully participating in a cosmopolitan, democratic society. In this study, ethnographic interview participants recount particularly engaging ethical situations in their own game play. Through their responses, thematic trends develop that help us identify key elements in games that provide opportunities for the development of these crucial skills.