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Bookmarks for Mar 23rd through Mar 24th

These are my links for Mar 23rd through Mar 24th:

  • SitePoint CSS Reference
  • About Twitterfountain | Twitterfountain – Have you ever wanted to see what was happening at that one event you could not go to? Did the plain text-backchannels somehow left you feeling disappointed?<br />
    <br />
    Twitterfountain comes to your aid: we mash up tweets and Flickr-images that share the same tags into a spectacular visual. Below is a sample, that you can even copy and embed in your own site:
  • Fun with JavaScript: jQuery and Konami Code | Your Inspiration Web – Today we’re going to take a small leap back in time to the year 1985, when a Konami developer (Kazuhisa Hashimoto) created the first version of Gradius (a video game for the Nintendo console). During game trials, Kazuhisa realized that it was really difficult to complete, and so he created a code which immediately gave the player all possible power-ups.
  • Robert K. Logan | Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab) – Robert K. Logan is Chief Scientist, Strategic Innovation Lab at OCAD. Originally trained as a physicist, Prof. Logan is well known as a media ecologist. He received a BS and PhD from MIT in 1961 and 1965. After two post-doctoral appointments at University of Illinois (1965-7) and University of Toronto (1967-8) he became a physics professor in 1968 at the U of Toronto, where he is professor emeritus since 2005.<br />
    <br />
    During this period in addition to math-based physics courses he taught an interdisciplinary course The Poetry of Physics which led to his collaboration with Marshall McLuhan and his research in media ecology and the evolution of language. His best known works are The Alphabet Effect based on a paper co-authored with McLuhan, The Sixth Language: Learning a Living in the Internet Age and The Extended Mind: The Emergence of Language, the Human Mind and Culture.