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linkHive For Jan 21st

Here are the newest links to join the linkHiveJan 21st

  • Synergy
  • Developer Job Interview Questions and Answers – Are you a developer? Need to prepare for a job interview? We have selected a big collections of interview questions and answers in many technical areas: Java, JSP, ASP, C++,C#,.NET,ORACLE, PL/SQL,Perl, struts, XML….more …
  • Design Trends (Predictions) in 2010 – [I always wonder how much of these articles are predictive and how much they are prescriptive...] As we are stepping in a new decade, I can foresee that web design in 2010 is going to be fun and filled with experimental works. With the new CSS3 and HTML5, designers and developers are trying to utilize the new features to create impressive designs. Sketchy and large background styles are fading out. Serif fonts and texturized background will be popular. Thanks to CSS3, we are going to see a lot of rounded corners, RGBA transparency, and drop shadows. With the rise of smart phones, mobile web design is going to pick up this year.