Wifi @ Drupalcon Chicago

There has been some complaints of the wifi at Drupalcon dropping.  The organizers took a moment to explain what’s going on.  Here’s the rundown of the wifi usage during yesterday’s keynote:

  • 2032 concurrent wireless users
  • 3842 active dhcp leases
  • 4373 unique devices – please keep in mind there are 3000 people at Drupalcon
  • 70M down the 100M pipe available
  • 2.4 ghz frequency range was complete saturated.
  • 5 ghz frequency range had lots of room

So it turns out, the problem is old wireless hardware…and almost 1.5 wifi devices per person :)

The thing I love most, is that they took five minutes to explain this to us today.  These…these are my people :)

Photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/jkannenberg/3678423649/sizes/s/in/photostream/